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The Russian market of pasta: state and development trends (артикул: 03931 00018)

Дата выхода отчета: 4 Июня 2009
География исследования: Russia
Период исследования: 2004-2009
Количество страниц: 76
Язык отчета: Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    Main research objectives are:
    1. Environment and economic activity estimation in terms of analysis of business processes occurring on the Russian pasta market.
    The research period is 2004-2009.
    2. Revelation of development tendencies of the Russian pasta market, expediency definition and possibilities of investors penetrate to it in conditions of turbulent market environment.
    The general trends and development forecasts of the Russian pasta market are considered over near-term outlook.

    Information sources:
    1. Reports of the Federal State Statistic Service, and Russian Federal Customs Service.
    2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.
    3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform North-West ».

    Outlook content:
    This outlook is dedicated to description of the Russian pasta market in correlation with flour market.
    The attention in outlook was focused on condition of pasta market and role of the state and corporate sector in pasta manufacture development. Manufacturers, sellers and trade turnover participants of pasta in Russia and abroad are considered.
    Basic key financial profitability figures of the Russian companies occupied in sphere of manufacture are resulted also.
    Question of import/export pasta deliveries in Russia during 2006-2008 is studied in detail.
    This outlook depicts market trends under crisis conditions, participants’ estimations and opinions on occurring events on the market, and also information on leading market players, including their key financial profit figures.

    General conclusions:
    Analysis of market condition and estimations of independent experts showed that volumes of output and realization of pasta had grown in several times during the period since the second quarter of 2008 till present time.
    If one takes market figures in whole into account that in comparison with the first quarter of 2008 the volume of pasta output increased by 10%. It has been the best gain result for the last 10 years.

    The Russian enterprises gradually increase manufacture of pasta: from the beginning of April a new pasta factory on production of cheap goods was started up in Astrakhanskaya oblast. Investments were €1 million. «Altan» Holding (Barnaul) one of the large manufacturers of pasta in Russia plans to increase sales by 20% in 2009. Large grain processor Pava company from Altay territory began manufacture of pasta groats (raw materials for pasta manufacturing) from the beginning of April.

    In connection with crisis situation in economics appreciable rates a consumption of low-quality macaroni foods of soft wheat grades keep growing up. Diminishing market of not branded weight goods for the last some years has considerably strengthened ones positions having reached a share in 50-55% for the first quarter of 2009. Although one year ago weight pasta had about 40% of sales.
    According to public opinion poll made by experts in Russian cities with population over 10 thousand of people, noodles remains a leader in the market of fast cooking products occupying 67.5% of sales in kind.

  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта

    1 General characteristic of pasta market 2
     Current situation on the Russian pasta market 2
     Classification of pasta 3
     Competitive environment 6
     Problems of the pasta market 9
     Equipment for pasta manufacture 10
    2. Specifics of pasta market 13
     Russian market of flour as a basis of pasta market 13
     Manufacturers and products realization 21
     Segmentation and price characteristics 25
     Features of noodles segment and vermicelli of fast cooking 27
     Regional aspect, specifics of distribution system 29
     Estimations and participants opinions of pasta market 34
    3 Foreign trade turnover structure of the pasta market 38
    3.1 Foreign trade turnover of pasta (commodity group 1902) in Russia in 2008 40
    4 Branch development trends of the pasta market 50
    5 The leaders of the Russian pasta market and their characteristics 52
     Leading pasta manufacturers 52
     Wholesale trade leaders of pasta 62
     Retail trade leaders of pasta 63
     Active participants of foreign trade turnover of pasta 69


  • Перечень приложений

    1.1. Key financial figures of leading manufacturers of pasta on the Russian market
    2.1 Average consumer prices of wheat flour
    2.2. Comparative price analysis of Russian grain as of January 31, 2007; July 30, 2008, October 15, 2008 & May 13, 2009
    2.3. The largest manufacturers (Top-10) of pasta in Russia detailed on annual turnover
    2.4. The largest wholesale trade leaders of pasta in Russia detailed on annual turnover
    2.5. Recognition of fast cooking noodles brands
    3.1. Volumes and trend of foreign trade pasta turnover in 2006-2008
    3.2. Characteristic of foreign economic activity codes of Pasta commodity group
    3.3. Import and export volumes of pasta deliveries in 2008 detailed on foreign economic activity codes
    3.4. Deliveries volumes of pasta to Russia in 2008 detailed on consignors countries
    3.5. Import volume of pasta to Russia in 2008 detailed on consignees
    3.6. Deliveries volumes of pasta from Russia in 2008 detailed on consignees countries
    3.7. Export volumes of pasta from Russia in 2008 detailed on consignors

    1.1. Russian pasta market capacity in 2006-2008
    1.2. Shares of some leading groups on the Russian market of pasta made of solid wheat grades in 2008
    2.1 Russian flour market capacity in 2003-2008 in kind
    2.2 Russian flour market capacity in 2003-2008 in value terms
    2.3. Basic groups of flour consumers in 2008 in kind
    2.4. Flour manufacture in Russia in 2003-2008
    2.5. Flour manufacture in Russia detailed on months in 2007 and 2008
    2.6. Export/import of flour in Russia in 2003-2008
    2.7. Pasta manufacture in Russia in 2004-2008
    2.8. Shares of distribution channels on the Russian pasta market (in value terms)
    2.9. Indexes of physical volume of pasta sales (in percentage to the previous year)
    2.10. Classification of price shares of pasta market
    2.11. Average consumer prices of premium wheat flour pasta
    2.12. Shares of various pasta manufacturers on Moscow market
    3.1 Export/import of pasta in Russia in 2006-2008 in kind
    3.2. Export/import of pasta in Russia in 2006-2008 in value terms
    3.3. Consignors countries geography of pasta to Russia in 2008 in kind (TOP 10)
    3.4. Consignors countries geography of pasta to Russia in 2008 in value terms (TOP 10)
    3.5. Consignees countries geography of pasta from Russia in 2008 in kind (TOP 10)
    3.6. Consignees countries geography of pasta from Russia in 2008 in value terms (TOP 10)

    1. Example of the brief supplemental information on a company
    2. Analysis of financial figures of a firm "X"
    3. Analysis of foreign trade activities of a firm "X"

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    1.1.Население России

    Численность населения

    Крупнейшие города

    Уровень жизни населения

    Экономическая активность

    1.2.Экономическая ситуация

    Динамика развития экономики

    Стабильность государственного бюджета

    1.3.Положение России в мире

    Доля РФ в мировом населении


    2.1. Определение лапши

    2.2. Классификация макаронных изделий в целом

    2.3. Классификация макаронных изделий по ОКП

    2.4. Классификация макаронных изделий по ОКПД

    2.5. Классификация макаронных изделий по ТН ВЭД


    3.1. Лапша быстрого приготовления


    4.1. Динамика розничных продаж макаронных изделий по годам

    4.2. Динамика розничных продаж макаронных изделий по кварталам

    4.3. Структура розничных продаж макаронных изделий по федеральным округам РФ

    4.4. Крупнейшие регионы РФ по розничным продажам макаронных изделий

    4.5. Региональная структура розничны…


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